Lagi Bola, Lagi Raya! Catch All The Action with Samsung TVs!

Enjoy your favourite Hari Raya and football programmes in stunning 4K resolution, all at affordable prices! Raya is a celebration that many Malaysians look forward to, as it is an opportune time to reconnect with loved ones. This year, Raya is at an all-time high as it will coincide with […lagi…]

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Samsung Buka Galaxy Studio Hanya 3 Bulan. Ini Cara Dapatkan GEAR VR PERCUMA

Pada 26 Oktober lalu, Budiey dijemput untuk menghadiri acara Pembukaan GALAXY STUDIO dari Samsung yang diadakan berhadapan dengan Lot 10, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Turut bersama adalah selebriti Jinny Boy dan Jenn yang turut melakukan aktiviti bersama media.

Samsung Malaysia Electronics menawarkan peluang kepada pelanggannya di Malaysia untuk meneroka dan mengalami peranti terkininya melalui pembukaan Galaxy Studio. Untuk info, Samsung Galaxy Studio adalah kedai sementara Samsung yang dibuka di beberapa lokasi seluruh dunia – membolehkan pengguna mendapatkan pengalaman awal mencuba sejumlah produk keluaran terkini daripada Samsung. Terkini, Galaxy Studio akhirnya turut diperkenalkan di Malaysia untuk tempoh antara hari ini sehingga ke bulan Januari 2018 kelak.

Samsung Buka Galaxy Studio Hanya 3 Bulan. Ini Cara Dapatkan GEAR VR PERCUMA

Ketua Teknologi Maklumat dan Perniagaan Mudah Alih, Liew Kian Meng berkata studio tersebut dibuka setiap hari kepada orang ramai dari 10 pagi hingga 10 malam hingga 31 Jan tahun depan.

Beliau berkata studio itu akan menampilkan peranti terkini Samsung, termasuk Galaxy Note 8 yang baru dilancarkan, Gear Virtual Reality (VR) dan Gear 360 yang baharu.

“Kami akan memberikan unit Gear VR secara percuma dengan setiap pembelian telefon pintar Galaxy Note 8 di Galaxy Studio dari 27-29 Okt,” katanya kepada pemberita selepas perasmian studio tersebut oleh Presiden Samsung Malaysia Electronics, Lee Sang Hoon.

Liew berkata studio tersebut menyediakan peluang yang baik bagi mereka yang tidak mengetahui mengenai produk Samsung untuk mengenalinya dan bagaimana ia dihasilkan untuk disesuaikan dengan kehidupan pengguna dengan sempurna, sama ada semasa bekerja atau pada masa lapang.

Selain itu, pengunjung boleh meneroka ciri-ciri utama Galaxy Note 8 dengan menempatkan peranti tersebut di meja pintar interaktif, yang dilengkapi dengan paparan yang secara automatik mengesan telefon pintar tersebut dan menunjukkan ciri-ciri utamanya.

Antara produk yang dipertontonkan adalah termasuk Galaxy Note 8, Gear VR, Gear 360, Gear Sport, Gear IconX dan beberapa produk baru yang lain. Beberapa aktiviti turut disediakan, termasuk berbasikal maya untuk menguji Gear Fit 2 Pro, selain mencuba Gear VR melalui kerusi khusus.

Bagi anda yang berminat, boleh ke Galaxy Studio berhadapan dengan Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur.

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The New Gear Fit2 Pro: Make Every Move Counts

Samsung Malaysia Electronics today presents the new Gear Fit2 Pro, an upgraded GPS sports band with smart features that is made for all the ways you work out. This new Gear device assist with a range of activities, from robust fitness tracking to nutrition and sleep monitoring, as well as motivational coaching, to help users stay motivated and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The New Gear Fit2 Pro: Make Every Move Counts

“At Samsung, we celebrate the everyday athlete – whether you’re going for a light jog, or training for your next triathlon. We have a long history of embracing choice and innovation, and the Gear Fit2 Pro is designed to help consumers of varying fitness levels meet their goals and aspirations. We want to help remove the stigma that fitness trackers are complex and for only the most intense of workouts,” said KM Liew, Head of IT and Mobile Business, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

Truly water resistant, the new Gear Fit2 Pro is 5 ATM certified (which allows it to be submerged at a depth of up to 50 meters in fresh and salt water) and boasts industry-leading swim tracking capabilities, making it an ideal companion for swimming laps or playing in the pool.

Users of this fitness device will also be able to enjoy variety and diversity, thanks to the Gear Fit2 Pro’s third party fitness apps compatibility. To date, there are several Under Armour applications customised for Samsung’s new fitness device such as MyFitnessPal, MapMyRun, Endomondo, and UA Record. The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro remains unique in this respect, as it is currently the only fitness band that supports fitness apps developed by third party developers.

In addition to that, the new Gear Fit2 Pro features advanced built-in GPS tracking to capture your run or ride with accurate activity tracking. With improved accuracy on its top-of-the-line heart rate monitoring system, the Gear Fit2 Pro continuously monitors your heart rate – whether it is enjoying a stress-free nap or an invigorating cycling class. The automatic activity detection built into the device is in tune with your body and tracks every movement, regardless of whether you are Walking, Running, Cycling or performing Dynamic Activities such as dancing and basketball.

With the lightest design yet, the Gear Fit2 Pro helps you go further without weighing you down. The new watchband is available in two colour combinations, Liquid Black and Diamond Red, is designed to blend seamlessly with workwear and active-wear, while its large Super AMOLED curved 1.5-inch display and a high-resolution color touchscreen makes it easier to view notifications or send texts.

The Gear Fit2 Pro will make its debut in Malaysia at the Galaxy Note8 roadshow from 21st to 24th September 2017. The Gear Fit2 Pro is priced at RRP RM799 and available for purchase at all Samsung Experience Stores nationwide.

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Gear Fit2 Pro
Colour Liquid Black, Diamond Red
Display 1.5” Curved Super AMOLED
216 x 432
Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3
AP Dual Core 1.0 GHz
OS Tizen
Size 25.0(W) x 51.3(H) mm
Strap Size of the wrist: 158~205mm
Memory 4GB Internal memory, 512MB RAM
Connectivity Bluetooth® v4.2, Wi-Fi b/g/n, GPS/GLONASS
Sensor Accelerometer, Gyro, Barometer, HRM
Battery 200mAh
Charge Pogo type
Durability 5 ATM water resistance
Compatibility Samsung Galaxy: Android 4.3 or later
Other Android: Android 4.4 or later with at least 1.5GB of RAM
*iOS 9.0 or later

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Samsung’s Bixby Voice Capabilities Now Available in Over 200 Countries Globally

Samsung Malaysia Electronics today announced that Bixby’s voice capabilities have expanded to over 200 countries and territories worldwide, allowing millions of consumers to experience a smarter way of interacting with their smartphones. In addition to South Korea and the United States, consumers in countries across the world, now including the U.K., Australia, Canada and South Africa, will be able to utilize Bixby’s intelligent interface to help them get things done quickly and smoothly.

Currently available in U.S. English and Korean, Bixby’s voice capabilities

Currently available in U.S. English and Korean1, Bixby brings enhanced smartphone productivity and personalization through Quick Commands, a feature that allows users to easily create a custom voice command to use in place of a sequence of one or more commands. For example, users can use the command “good night” as a shortcut for “Turn on Do-not-disturb mode, set an alarm for 6:00 AM and turn on blue light filter.”

Help you get more out of your connected devices

Bixby also understands and recognizes speaking patterns, questions and requests. For example, you take a picture and request Bixby to “send the recent picture taken to Mom.” Through cross-application commands, Bixby will acknowledge and understand which picture you are referring to and proceed to send it to your mom. This natural language understanding makes interacting with your smartphone easier and more intuitive. With its iterative deep learning technology, Bixby will improve over time to recognize personal preferences and way of speaking.

Bixby is unique in that it is an intelligent interface, rather than a standalone app. When an application becomes Bixby-enabled, Bixby will support almost every task that the application is capable of performing using voice, touch or text. Bixby’s deep integration is also built into the smartphone settings allowing comfortable adjustments to be made – such as setting the screen timeout or showing all notifications– without interrupting what you are currently doing.

“Now millions of customers worldwide have access to a new and intelligent way of interacting with their smartphones,” said Injong Rhee, Executive Vice President and Head of R&D, Software and Services of the Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics. “The expansion of Bixby’s voice capabilities is an initial step in the continued rollout of Bixby’s functionality. In the future, Bixby will have the learning power to offer more intelligent and personalized interactions and seamless connections across more devices.”

Samsung plans to further expand Bixby’s voice capabilities, far stretching multiple countries, languages, devices, features and third-party applications. By further enhancing its mobile experience and offering solutions, even more users can interact with their device and manage their apps and services more seamlessly and instinctively.

Starting today, Galaxy S8 and S8+2 users can enable Bixby’s voice capabilities by pressing the Bixby button to begin onboarding. You can now activate Bixby by holding the dedicated button on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ phones, or by simply saying, “Hi, Bixby.”

For more information on getting things done daily with Bixby, please visit: or

1Voice command recognizes English (US) and Korean. Not all accents, dialects and expressions recognized. Service ability may vary by country or carrier. Natural language understanding allows Bixby to continuously improve its ability to interpret regional dialects. But, since Bixby learns more frequently used command terms more quickly, it will take more time for Bixby to fully understand regional dialects that are used less frequently.

2Bixby is currently available on select devices, including the Galaxy S8 and S8+.

3Service availabilities and third party partners are varied in each country.

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