Here’s the Honest Trailer for ‘Batman Forever’ (VIDEO)

LOS ANGELES, Nov 15 — The team at Screen Junkies are back with another Honest Trailer and this time they tackle the Dark Crusader’s Batman Forever.  

You know the review is going to be epic when the voiceover guy starts the clip by saying: “From the producer Tim Burton and replacement producer Joel Schumacher comes a Batman movie that replaces the 80s gothic look of the first two with the ecstasy soaked fever dreams of the mid 90s. Yup, this is definitely the worse movie I’ve seen 30 times.”

The voiceover guys goes on to add: “After human Cure song Tim Burton made Batman cool for the mainstream then put too much kinky stuff in the sequel to sell kids toys, Warner Bros picked Joel Schumacher as the pariah-er, director to push the franchise in a more family-friendly direction; but hey, this is what we had to go through to get Nolan. Take it away, Joel!”

They also go on to crack jokes at Val Kilmer’s take on the character and of course Chris O’Donnell’s portrayal of sidekick Robin.

The Screen Junkies team have once again done a brilliant job, so check out the clip for more hilarious comments about the film.

The team at Screen Junkies give Val Kilmer’s ‘Batman Forever’ their weekly Honest Trailer treatment.