Ben Affleck looking for ‘graceful, cool way’ to hang up Batman’s cape

Ben Affleck arrives for the world premiere of ‘Justice League’ in Los Angeles November 13, 2017. — Reuters picLOS ANGELES, Nov 15 — After months of denial, it looks like Ben Affleck has finally admitted that he is ready to vacate the Batcave.

The actor/director told USA Today in a recent interview that he “wants to find a graceful and cool way to segue out of” the role because “you don’t do it forever.”

Affleck’s admission comes months after he told the San Diego ComicCon audience that he wasn’t going anywhere.

Technically speaking, he isn’t… yet because Affleck added that he is still “contemplating” Matt Reeves’ solo Batman movie, for which he wrote the now-scrapped first script.

In July, The Hollywood Reporter was the first to cite a source as saying Warner Bros was looking for a way to “gracefully” “usher out Affleck’s Batman.”